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Patient Results

  • I have osteoarthritis in my right knee that hindered me from engaging in any physical activities including walking. The pain would come with every step. I did not try anything when it came to remedies, except for an Aleve to help once in a while.
    My experience here at Options has helped me to feel much better. I’m planning to start walking today-literally! The crew for Physical Therapy is fantastic. They know what they are doing and I have progressed with each visit. I have been in other therapy facilities, however, this is the best I’ve experienced. I have recommended this treatment to two people so far. Dr. C and his crew of ladies are the best!

    The problem that brought me over to Options Rehab were issues with my knees and neck.  I had injections and helped a bit.  Options Rehab is amazing.  The facility’s equipment is top of the line and the staff is the best in every sense of the word.  I would recommend Options Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation to anyone in a heart beat.

    Pedro Jose D.

  • What brought me to Options Rehab was the procedure advertised for knee injections with fluoroscopy to ensure the shot is put in the right place. I also received physical therapy and I was impressed with my results. My knee pain has gone away, I feel 100% better.

    Angelina C.

  • I heard about Options from the ad on TV and scheduled my appointment immediately. The staff and the Doctor were so helpful in finding a treatment plan for me. I have osteoarthritis in both knees and I received injections and physical therapy treatments. I feel so much better. I’m so glad I came to Options.

    Anthony T.

  • vito

    I needed help for a hip fracture sustained after surgery for my heart. After I was discharged from the nursing home, I still needed rehab. Options has helped me in the past, therefore I tried them out again. My legs are very weak because of my hip injury. Because of the care I received here, I am walking better. The staff here is very friendly, helpful, conscientious and hardworking. I would recommend Options to anyone.

    Vito V.

  • angela

    My knees were hurting me so bad I could not walk or stand let alone go shopping because of the pain. Dr. C, the therapists and the staff are the best. My physical therapy experience was great at Options Rehab. It really helped me. If your knees are hurting come to the knee pain place!

    Angela G.

  • victor

    I came to Options Rehab due to arthritis in my left knee. Treatment was very effective and I am not pursuing another operation on my left knee after having already done a right knee replacement. The experience at this office was very effective in treating my condition and the staff was very hospitable.


    Victor I

  • Before I started my treatment with Dr. Ruiz, I had given up on the idea that I could live my life without back pain. I suffered from lower back pain for the past 16 years due to an injury from a car accident. I visited Chiropractors in the past and got relief from my back pain, but just temporarily. I was given pain killers and muscle relaxers , but they did not work. As time passed, the pain worsened and the episodes lasted longer. The pain got so bad I could not pick up my 18 month old baby.

    Options Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Center was recommended to me. From the beginning, I have been pleasantly surprised on how accommodating Dr. Ruiz and his entire staff have been. My experience has been outstanding, more than I expected. I felt the difference just after my first session. I was able to do perform my normal activities, without any pain. More importantly, I am now able to play with my baby. I can even wear high heels again, after ten years of not being able to do so. The staff is very friendly and the atmosphere is very relaxing.

    I definitely recommend Dr. Ruiz and the Options Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Center. It really works!!!

    Sincerely, Ileanexis Montalvo

  • I had a herniated disc and I could not work, walk or do any type of activity. My problem affected my daily life. I was very concerned about my situation getting worse. I visited three different doctors and their final decisions were that I needed surgery. Once my pain started to affect every aspect of my life, I knew I needed serious help. Other facilities were trying to convince me to get surgery, but Dr. Ruiz gave me a different option. I was afraid of getting surgery and that only offered me a 50-50 chance of getting better.

    My sister-in-law experienced the same problems and recommended I see Dr. Ruiz for Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression. This treatment has been a great help. Since treating here I am now able to do my normal routines again. I actually feel the improvement every time I receive therapy. I would definitely recommend people visit Optionsbecause the doctors and staff here are great.

    Sincerely, Ercan Yildirim

  • When I first came to Dr. Ruiz, I was not able to pick up anything with my left arm. I could not stand up for a long time. I felt horrible and became depressed from the pain. I was very worried about the pain becoming worse. I took pain medications which provided no relief. I could not take the pain anymore and that is what made me seek treatment. My husband was going through the Especialito Newspaper trying to find me some help. That is how I found out about Dr. Ruiz and the options he offered for people with my problem.

    I like the treatments I receive here. The therapy I am receiving is better than I’ve received before. The attention Dr. Ruiz and his staff show me is exceptional.

    My experience with Dr. Ruiz and his staff has been good and I feel much better. I am so happy I came to this office. I would recommend anyone with similar problems visit Dr. Ruiz.

    Tina Funes

  • My name is Marilyn, I am 67 years old and I went to Options Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation because I had extreme pain in my left knee. This pain affected my daily activities quite seriously and was very limiting. I could not stand or walk for a very long time which was severely debilitating. I tried everything I could, different medications and treatments and nothing worked, including aspirin or Celebrex. When I went to Options the care that I experienced was excellent and the staff was very knowledgeable, they never left me with any unanswered questions. The thing that I liked the most about Options was that they were so efficient, five weeks felt like no time at all. What was different about them was that they really paid attention to the facts and how to do the treatment right.


  • My name is John P, I am 81 years old and because of my knee pain I have not been able to do the things I used to. When my pain was at its worst I would get knee aches that would stop me in my tracks and I was forced to stop working. I was very concerned that if I didn’t do something soon, I would only get worse. Then, I saw an ad in the Star Ledger newspaper that led me to seeking care from Options Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Other doctors I saw just told me to take some Advil; I figured they just wanted me to come back in the future for surgery. After I saw the ad, I went to Options and my experience there has been nothing but good. The staff is courteous, knowledgeable, and they provide excellent service. My right knee was the worst of the two, and since I have been going to Options I have already felt relief in it. I am so glad that I came to this office because after only 3 Hyalgan shots I already feel stronger and feel like I can do more, because of this I have already recommended other friends with similar problems to go there. What I like the most about Options is the staff, everyone is extremely helpful, and I love them all.

    John P.

  • My name is Lamounte and when I came to Options my pain was about an 8 or a 9. When I would go to the park for walks I couldn’t walk and keep up with the other people that I was walking with. When I did walk, my pain was a sharp, stabbing pain. I saw the advertisement on TV and I called and made an appointment to come in. They explained that I would get 5 shots for each knee. I felt better with the second shot. Now I finished my 5 shots. I no longer have pain. It’s down to a 1 and I can get up in the morning. I used to get up to go to the bathroom and sit on the side of the bed, now I don’t have to do that anymore. I can get up and go to the bathroom, I can get up, go downstairs and get the mail and back now. The shots are great. In 6 more months if anything happens I can come back. I’m going to be welcomed. I’d be glad to come back. I can tell anybody to come to Options and let them treat you. They are very, very, very good. Dr. Colon also worked on my back. When I came in, my back and hip were bothering me. Now the pain is 100% gone after the second time that he adjusted my back. I haven’t had any more problems with my back or my hip. They did a great job and I will tell anyone to come to Options. I got great results and I thank them. I thank the whole staff, they’ve been good to me, from the doctors all the way up to the therapy department. They did a great job. The medical department did a great job and I also thank them.


  • Options Rehab has help me tremendously in my boxing career. I used to have chronic neck and lower back pain due to my training. Thanks to the staff at Options Rehab I no longer experience the pain and stiffness in my joints. This has helped me perform better and unlock my true potential. I can go longer, harder, and faster because I am pain free. I give my thanks to the Options team and am glad I decided to visit their office.

    Aaron "The Animal" Kinch Professional Boxer

  • My name is Melvin Chance. I was watching News 12 and saw commercials for osteoarthritis for knee pain and joint pain and I called the number and setup an appointment. I used to be a mailman for the USPS and had bad knees. I decided to get some relief, so I made a phone call and spoke with Options. Before coming here I was unable to sit in the backseat of a car or get on a roller coaster and now coming to Options, being educated with the therapy from the physical therapists I am now able to sit in the backseat for long distances and I am able to ride a roller coaster that I haven’t ridden in a long time. The therapy is helping tremendously. I can bend my knees more. I would love to express to other people to refer them to come to Options. It has been a very good experience for me.

    Melvin Chance

  • I came to Options because of sciatic back pain along with muscle tightness. I was in severe pain, could hardly walk, and couldn’t bend. I had previously tried acupuncture, ice packs, muscle relaxers, and painkillers, but nothing helped. With Options, after only a few treatments I was feeling better. By the end of my treatments I was 100% myself, after suffering for months trying other methods. I really appreciate the staff, from receptionists to the physical therapists. The staff worked with you at your pace and kept you informed of your progress always. The difference was the fact of how informative the physical therapist was of your injury. They took time out to explain things for you, more so than my own physician. I would highly recommend Options for any kind of physical therapy. This is not my first time coming here and I am more than pleased with my results. They work at your pace and are very knowledgeable of what they are dealing with. They take time to explain every exercise and its purpose. I give the staff an A+. The atmosphere is very pleasant and friendly. The place itself was clean, bright and has a positive feeling about it.

    Diane Auffant

  • My name is Alice and I am 70 years old. I came to Options because I was recommended by my private doctor. It has been a miracle. Ever since I came here it has gotten much better. When I started coming here I had tremendous pain in my knees and hip. I am very grateful for the physical therapy and the injections I had in both knees which helped me a lot. If it wasn’t for the treatment I received here I would be in a wheel chair. I am very thankful that I came here and am very thankful to all the staff who are very good. The ambiance is fantastic and they make you feel very comfortable and have helped me a lot.

    Alice Hansen

  • I have been suffering with pains from my long history of playing football which included 6 years in the NFL with the Miami Dolphins, Cleveland Browns, Oakland Raiders, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Detroit Lions as a Defensive tackle. I could barely move without having constant pain and stiffness throughout my body and my extremities. I have tried icing, steam therapy, stretching, and even used ultrasound treatments but Dr. Ruiz and Options Rehab showed me that it’s not what you do, it’s how you do it! The staff at Options Rehab are the best! They are very down to earth all the way from the receptionist to Dr. Ruiz, the doctors, and physical therapists. I love the attention to detail and how they push you to get better and not just stay the same! They stand out because of their attention to detail. When you tell them what is wrong, they don’t just act, they analyze and find the right approach to the problem, where in other offices I have been to, they always used the same techniques for every injury or problem. The Options Rehab staff will find the best care option for the patient and it really shows how much they care. I highly recommend Options. This is an office for everyone, from every walk of life. You will be treated like family, the only way it should be!

    Damian Gregory

  • I came to Options because I had a torn muscle in my right shoulder. I was unable to lift my arm or throw a ball. Over the counter medications were not working to alleviate my condition. The physical therapist was a great trainer and helped me heal fast so I could get back to playing sports. The care was great at Options. They spend a lot of one on one time with you. I would recommend anyone with a sports injury to visit the office.

    Joe G.

  • I initially came to Options because of right shoulder and neck pain. I had very little mobility in my right shoulder and was in pain. Other treatments I tried before coming to Options included exercise and anti-inflammatory medications, but were unsuccessful. The office is a great environment and has very effective therapists. They are very welcoming and greeted me by my name. My pain has greatly improved and I have become more active in sporting activities. I would recommend anyone to let Options help you, they are good at it.

    David H.

  • I am a professional baseball and softball instructor and have been for the past 20 plus years. As one of New Jersey’s top hitting coaches, my shoulders and back are constantly being utilized for pitching and hitting. The daily wear causes aches and pain at times. Options’ extremely knowledgeable and experienced professionals have provided physical therapy treatments and chiropractic adjustments that have diminished my discomfort and have allowed me to continue with my demanding schedule. Additionally, they make it a point to keep their patients educated on health and the many services they offer through their monthly newsletter. I would highly recommend others to come to Options for treatment of their conditions.

    Mike Sutlovich School of Baseball & Softball Whippany, NJ

  • I had knee pain that prevented me from completing chores. I needed time to rest and usually lay in bed to get pressure off of my knees, then I could resume chores. I had tried previous injections in the past but no rehab. I then came to Options. This office has been very encouraging and made me more flexible. I can now perform more activities. I’ve told a number of people about this great place and have learned about fitness. I know they will feel better coming to Options.

    Dorris P.

  • I enjoy coming to Options because they have helped my rehab tremendously. The therapists are so knowledgeable and the staff at the front desk and in therapy are pleasant and sweet. From the door to the treatment table, it’s an all-around great experience!

    John B.

  • I came to Options after a Total Hip Replacement Surgery and started working with Dr. Nick. The treatment and attention to detail were great!! After 3 weeks I was basically pain free and back to normal life activities. Without their therapy that would not have been successful. Thank you everyone at Options!!

    Jerome L.

  • I initially came to Options because of my lower back pain and right leg pain due to 2 bulging discs. I had pain with gardening, walking, sitting for long periods of time, and sleeping. I would wake up with pain in my right leg. I have had an excellent experience at Options. They have friendly and helpful staff, especially Nick and Dr. Colon. I have told my friends and family and my orthopedic doctor about what a positive experience I had. There was always a warm, friendly atmosphere. Nick was so knowledgeable and helpful with suggestions for everyday activities. I feel the decompression treatment was a major factor in the reduction of my pain. I definitely had a good improvement at Options.

    Linda S.

  • When I first came here I could not even walk. They gave me the incentive to get to where I am today. I am no longer walking with a cane and I am no longer using my walker. I really appreciate them and I love all of them.


  • As a runner is important for me to stay out on the road. I had Achilles problems, thigh problems, problems, and calf problems. Just recently I completed my first marathon and I could have not done so without the staff here and the treatments to get me back on the road.


  • I had very difficult back surgeries in 2008 and 2009. I have gone to many physical therapy sites. Options in Nutley are a wonderful crew. They are the greatest physical therapists. The doctors here are excellent. If you give them a try and you will say it is the best physical therapy that you have been to.