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Physical Therapy

Regain quality of life with Options Physical Therapy programs.

What is it?

Physical therapy refers to a large variety of treatments — including but not limited to exercise, heat/cold, massage, muscle manipulation and others — administered by a trained healthcare professional to return the affected area to its full strength and mobility. It is an essential component for injury rehabilitation and helps patients regain their quality of life.

What do we use it for?

Physical therapy is a core component of many of our treatment plans, and it takes a number of forms. We recommend carefully tailored physical therapy regimens depending on the patient’s condition and personal goals.

Physical therapy is used for the reduction in inflammation and swelling in muscles and tissues. They are health care professionals who can diagnose most medical problems that related to everyday movement and functions. A typical treatment plan will promote movement in the body along with pain management while restoring the function in the areas that are needed. Most physical therapist will use a theory and scientific based approach to treating all clients to ensure the best possible outcome and end result. This helps with diagnoses, prevention plans and restorations for the body.


Physical Therapy and Sports Physiotherapy in New Jersey

Physical therapy is cost effective for most and can reduce any long term medication use overtime. When it comes to pain management, physical therapy is an essential part to dealing with chronic pain. Although some exercises and stretches can seem awful it is one of the best forms of pain management. Physical therapy has been proven to help people with neuropathic and musculoskeletal disorders.

Physical therapy goes beyond massage therapy. There are different types of therapy to reduce chronic pain in the body. Treatment plans can help to strength muscles, gain stability and more mobility. The more movement is better for recovery so areas do not stiffen and become weak. Learning to move your body will help to alleviate pain symptoms.

At Options Rehab, we offer a wide array of treatments for each unique client and offer various plans to achieve your end goals. Regain your movement and way of life and reach the end line! Build a personalized plan with our specialists today and see how Options Rehab can help you today!